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Why Use United Restoration, Inc.

1. Family Owned Company and Great Reputation: United Restoration, Inc. is owned by Joe and Patricia Pino who have been established on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware since 1981. Locally owned and operated, along with son Joe Pino, Jr, we are a family company that instills our everyday values into our employees to ensure you receive the delicate attention you may need in what could be the most devastating of times. When a claim occurs you know that you will be working with either 1 of 2 people, Joe Pino, Sr. or Joe Pino, Jr. Joe, Jr. started working with the family company since he was 13 years old. With 16 years of experience in the restoration industry and a college education from Salisbury University as a management major, Joe, Jr. brought new technology, equipment, and new processes for project management to the company. We are properly licensed and insured in Maryland and Delaware and have been thriving on our growing reputation for over 30 years, handling thousands of homes and businesses from large commercial/residential fires and sprinkler line breaks to leaky water heaters and moldy crawlspaces. We understand this could be a stressful time and a complicated process, but we are here for you to properly restore your property and provide you with a one stop service, alleviating the stress and complications. We are available 24/7 so please call right away for emergency services or to schedule a no obligation inspection or quote at (443) 727-3307 or www.urtherightchoice.com.

2. We Specialize in Claims Management: When an insurance claim occurs it can be complicated and time consuming. We understand your time is important which is why we handle the claims process for you while keeping you informed along the way. Below are a few of the many items we handle during the insurance claim process, and please ask questions as each claim and insurance company is different and therefore the process will not be the same on every claim. We...
a. …respond immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
b. …document. Documentation of moisture readings, initial damage upon arrival, photos, etc. can be the most important information to a successful claim process.
c. …input your job info into our job management software. We will send you a link to your email so that you will be able to monitor job progress, notes, photos and documents as needed with just a click of a button.
d. …communicate with the insurance company on scope of work so that they will be informed of the damages prior to their arrival.
e. …write estimates for emergency work and repairs with the most widely used estimating software by insurance companies, Xactimate. Not only do we use Xactimate, but we were in the industry prior to the software’s existence, and we were among the first companies to start using the estimating program.
f. …work on behalf of the customer to get a fair agreed price with the insurance company quickly, which is our specialty. Over 30 years working on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, we have established a trusting relationship with many of the adjusters and agents and we have the knowledge of how to work with the insurance company on items such as mold/mold coverage, asbestos, lead, code ordinance coverage, sewage back up limits, state condo laws, etc. This is the process which can hold up the job for weeks or even months if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the policies and insurance claim process, but we have got this covered for you!
g. …reconstruct/restore the property with our experienced construction team. After 30 years of working in construction and the restoration industry, we have created a team of employees and subcontractors who we believe are the best in the industry. We have a large pool of preset quality resources so that we can properly take care of all of our customers. Starting in the winter of 2014, we mitigated and restored approximately 200 condo units/townhouses and residential houses from the polar vortex. The reconstruction process included working with individual condo owners and insurance policies to move personal contents to storage, cleaning of personal contents, covering upgrades/improvement by homeowners, coordinating job completion dates with individual homeowners, and much more! We work with the homeowner/unit owner until the job is 100% complete and to their satisfaction!
h. …complete the work in accordance with the insurance company’s agreed figures and we also have the capital to continue to work while waiting for the insurance company to release the insurance funds.
i. …work with the insurance company to get the depreciation released to ensure you are paid in full 100% of the agreed funds.
j. …have each customer sign off on a certificate of satisfaction so that there is no question that we have a satisfied customer!

3. Resources: In any type of disaster or even everyday business, you will want to ensure your restoration contractor has enough resources to properly handle all of your properties. If you are a property manager, insurance agent, or realtor, it will be much easier to manage insurance claims if you have one restoration contractor on 20 jobs instead of 10 or 20 contractors on 20 jobs. If you are a homeowner/unit owner, you will want to ensure your restoration contractor can handle your project along with all the other projects they have going on. It is also very important that if you can find a company like United Restoration, Inc. that they will be able to handle the job from start to finish instead of having 2 different companies working on the same property, as this only complicates the process. During the recent 2014 polar vortex, we responded to approximately 200 jobs for mitigation and restoration within only hours of the initial phone call while most other local mitigation companies were backed up for days or even weeks.

When we have a relationship with a company, it is our obligation to properly respond to our customer in their time of need and we have the resources to follow thru with this commitment. Below is a list of some of our most important resources which allows us to run a successful and full service restoration company:

a. Employees: A quality company starts with quality staff. We treat each of our employees as though they are family as we understand they will be the most valuable resource to our company in everyday work schedules and especially in times of disasters. During the 2014 winter freeze, every employee and owner, were working almost 80 hours a week to coordinate and mitigate all of the properties we were called into for pipe freeze water damages. Each employee on the construction team has been trained in water mitigation as well so that when we have a disaster hit our area, we will be ready with qualified staff that is able to manage a mitigation job from start to finish.
b. Equipment: A restoration company can only be as large and efficient as its equipment resources. Outside of the equipment that we own, we have a relationship with a local equipment rental supplier that we have exclusive rights to in times of disaster which fills up more than one tractor trailer. When Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast, we had an additional 2 tractor trailer loads of equipment from Texas delivered and stationed right in the heart of Ocean City. We still have good relations with our Texas supplier and we stay in contact with them on a regular basis. We have never ran low on equipment whether its dehumidifiers, fans, generators, etc. as we prep our suppliers when needed prior to a disaster or freeze occurring.
c. Capital: In order to be a successful restoration company, you need to have capital to keep your jobs moving. We understand that buildings and owners may not have the capital needed to keep a claim moving forward while waiting for the insurance funds, but we have the capital to keep jobs going while waiting for the insurance draw. We will also communicate with the insurance agent, insurance adjuster and/or insurance carrier to make sure the funds are not held up longer than necessary. We have seen many companies over the past 30 years come and go as they didn’t have the capital to keep up with a large fluctuation of jobs, as it is hard to stay properly staffed to handle all your customers while being cost efficient.


Testimonial from Sandy:

Dear TPW,
As you know, my unit (# 3301) was the one at Sanibel that was severely damaged last winter by the hot water heater from the unit above me breaking and flooding out my entire unit below.
Water came through the ceiling, the walls, kitchen cabinets, flooring – everything had to be initially dried out, re-constructed and replaced!
I can’t tell you enough about the services that Joe Pino / United Restoration provided. They got in there quickly to dry out the entire unit. They carefully packed and moved all of my personal belongings to a storage unit; as I live up in NEPA (Scranton) 4 hours away. The bad winter weather didn’t allow me to get down quickly last year.
The genuine care, concern and customer service that Joe and his entire staff demonstrated was exceptional. He carefully guided me through a complex process that I was clueless about, making a very upsetting situation seem manageable and actually easy to navigate through. I have a feeling that if I had dealt with any another water remediation / contractor firm, that my story/outcome would have been a whole different story. I was so pleased with the job that they did!!!
Their staff was reliable, did such quality work and did it within the time frame committed. I would be happy to discuss any further questions you may have.
A VERY satisfied customer,
Sandy Cameli
(570) 362-0345

Testimonial from Fred and Ruth: "You made a lot of promises to us after our house fire and asked us to trust you. We are grateful to you for keeping all those promises. The house indeed proved to be better than it had been originally. The workmanship was excellent. You didn't stint on anything. Friends who have seen the finished house are praising it highly. We can't even think of one thing that needs to be "fixed." Restoration is an appropriate name for your organization. You restored more than just a building. Trusting you and your expertise with fire damage was the best thing we could have done. Thank you."

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